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Cradle Mountain Overland Track to Dove Lake

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If you want to do some hiking in Cradle Mountain make Penguin your base camp.


We often have people stay with us for a few days and they pick a day to go walking in Cradle Mountain.


It’s just a 2 hour drive from Penguin to the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre and car park.


You leave your car there and catch one of the shuttle buses to take you to the start of your walk and pick you up at the other end.


So simple.


Inside the Visitor Centre you will find lots of big maps showing all the different walking trails and guides to give you advice and information about each of the walks.


The walks are all graded easy, medium and hard and it tells you how much time you need to make it to the end to catch the shuttle bus back to the car park.


One of our favourite walks is from Ronny Creek to Dove Lake via Lake Lilla. Here are some pics of what you will see.


Lake Lilla Cradle Mountain


Its a 3 hour walk to Dove Lake – moderate level.


Just pack a snack, water and some warm clothing in case the weather changes.


You get dropped off by the bus driver, sign your name in the book before you start the walk and just follow the clearly defined path.


At the end you descend to Dove Lake and this is what you will see.


Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

After completing your walk return to Madsen Retreat Penguin, enjoy a spa bath and some dinner at the El Perro Spanish Restaurant or at the Neptune Hotel and then relax back at the guesthouse with a glass of wine in our sunroom or in your 4.5 star quality room.