Penguin Beach at Sunrise – so beautiful

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I have been living in Penguin for over two years now, and I am frequently walking along Penguin’s beach front esplanade at the crack of dawn.


You will rarely be disappointed if you make the effort to get up early to catch the sunrise.


More often than not you will be delighted.


For instance, this morning the sun shot multiple beams of light through a break in the grey cloudy sky and created a work of art.


It started in a faint sort of way but then gradually became stronger and stronger.


What you see here was captured on my iphone.


So take was I by this vision that I then decided to make a short video and as luck would have it a little seabird decided to make a cameo appearance.


See it for yourself.


If you come to stay in Penguin I strongly recommend you don’t miss out on these spectacular sunrises.