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Penguin to Stanley Coastal Drive

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I have done the trip between Penguin and Stanley several times and love it each time.


In my view the Penguin to Stanley or Stanley to Penguin NW coast drives is one of the best short drives that showcases the best of North West Tasmania.


If you drive the 95 kilometres without stopping it is about 1 hour and 15 minutes one way.


But there are many great places to visit along the way including Wynyard, Table Cape, Sisters Beach and Boat Harbour.


Spectacular ocean views the whole way.


The best place to have breakfast in Stanley is Moby Dicks, where they offer you a huge breakfast menu selection.


So I always start the trip before 8 am with the plan to enjoy breakfast at Moby Dicks.


Then, of course, being fortified by my wonderful breakfast, I am ready to climb the Nut and enjoy the 360 degree view from the flat top.


There is a summit circuit walk on the Nut that takes about half an hour to do and it is well worth it. There is flora and fauna in abundance.


You may also be lucky enough to see a spectacular rainbow or two.


If you stay for lunch, dine at Hursey’s Seafoods (see pic) and wander around the waterfront where the trawlers come and and check out some of the beautiful restored buildings that were built to accommodate the earliest settlers in NW Tasmania.


The North West has so much to offer the tourist and the trip from Penguin to Stanley is one of the jewels in the crown.


If you plan to stay overnight in Stanley they offer a wide range of beautiful and comfortable visitor accommodation.